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OH SO GOOD Sea Salt & Caramel Chocolate Chew Bars

Gluten-free, Vegan, Sugar-free optional

A no bake dessert, snack or afternoon treat that leaves us feeling OH SO GOOD! Satisfies any sweet tooth and gives you a beautiful boost of energy!

Are you looking for an easy to make recipe, that is refined sugar-free and satisfying? Then the combination in this healthy treat will likely be one of your favorites! Cashews, combined with medjool dates gives you a rich caramel consistency and tastes sooooo good. Adding a layer of chocolate and sprinkle of sea salt and VOILA, you have a decadent dessert you will love.

3 Simple Ingredients!

That’s right, all you need for this recipe are cashews, medjool dates and chocolate (with a sprinkle of sea salt). I always use dairy-free chocolate chips and when I don’t want to use any sugar, I opt for Lily’s sugar-free chocolate chips. The sprinkle of sea salt enhances all the flavors and makes it taste like sea salt caramel chocolate! They make your life easy with minimal ingredients and great for summer since you don’t have to turn on the oven. All you need is a food processor and microwave Who’s in??

Making the sea salt and caramel chocolate chew bars

If you don’t have a food processor, I think you can try to use a high speed blender, but if you can and are capable, investing in one is the BEST! I love it because it is perfect for blending up these bars and other similar recipes, like my Homemade Healthy Nutella, or my Homemade Vanilla Almond Cookie Butter, and it makes it so creamy and smooth! You can also use it to chop salads, make hummus and make pie crust! So versatile!

Do you like to keep things sugar-free? If so I recommend using Lily’s chocolate chips that are sweetened with stevia. They are the best, but if you prefer to simply use regular dark chocolate chips, go ahead!

I simply take all my ingredients and add them to the food processor. The longer you process the better the texture, and you do need to stop and scrap down the sides every minute or so to incorporate the ingredients. It will take around 5 minutes to get it perfect 🙂

I hope you enjoy these as much as we do! xoxox

OH SO GOOD Sea Salt & Caramel Chocolate Chew Bars

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By Nadia Zanini Serves: 12-24
Prep Time: 15 mins Total Time: 30 mins

A no bake dessert or snack that is packed with nutrients, decadent, super delicious and easy to make with only 3 simple ingredients!


  • 1 1/2 cup cashews
  • 1 1/2 cup medjool dates
  • 1 tbsp vanilla
  • 3/4 cup lily's dark chocolate chips (for sugar free, or use any vegan dark chocolate chips)



Line large cutting board with parchment paper or wax paper


Add cashews, dates and vanilla into a food processor and blend on high for around 5-6 minutes, stopping every minute or two to scrap down the sides


Once you have a nice paste, dump it onto the lined cutting board, and using your hands or a rolling pin, flatten to create a large rectangle about 9 x 13


Melt chocolate chips in the microwave at 20 seconds intervals, stirring between each interval until fully melted, about 30-50 seconds total


Pour melted chocolate over the rectangle, spread evenly


Sprinkle with sea salt


  • 86 Calories
  • 15.8g Carbohydrates
  • 3.5g Fat
  • 3.1g Fiber
  • 1.2g Protein
  • 1.5g Saturated fat
  • 97.2mg Sodium
  • 10g Sugar
  • 0.9g Unsaturated fat


The nutritional information provided is an estimate only, using an only nutritional calculator, and can vary depending on the products use. It does not substitute for professional nutritional advice. The servings depend on how large or small you cut the pieces. For the below nutrition count, it is base on 24 pieces

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