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Easy peasy Blueberry Jam!

Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Sugar-free

Jam is one of those sweet, tangy, delicious, lick off the spoon condiment that I love. Are jams not remiscent of the country side, in old times where a loaf of fresh country bread is waiting to be sliced with your jar of jam ready to be slathered on??? When I think of jam I think of strawberry picking with my mom and bringing home baskets of fresh strawberries, then watching her spend countless hours in the kitchen cooking and boiling and then canning them to last us all winter long! Faces stained red, bellies aching and wired from all that sugar. Now those were the good ole days!!!
As much as I love those memories, who has time for that process anymore??? I sure don’t, and I am sure you don’t either.
I wanted to create a jam that was easy to make, and that didn’t contain chia seeds. As much as I love chia seed jam, just like my go to strawberry chia jam, I wanted something a bit smoother and without the seed left with the chias.
You can really use any fruit you like in this recipe. I use frozen fruit which allows it to have more water content when defrosted and cooks much faster. I haven’t tested this out with fresh fruit, and can’t recommend it since this will put the starch to water content off!
To keep this recipe sugar free, I use swerve powdered sugar because it mixes smoothly into the jam. You can sub coconut sugar, but it will no longer be sugar-free.

To make this recipe, put your frozen blueberries direclty into the saucepan and turn on high. Once it starts getting warm the blueberries will release their water content and it will look really runny. Don’t worry!!! Once it reaches a full boil turn the heat down to a med-low simmer. Once we add in the starch it will thicken right up.

Jams are often used on toast, but topping it on oatmeal or chia pudding is a great option too!

Easy peasy blueberry jam

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By Nadia Z
Prep Time: 5 mins Cooking Time: 7 mins Total Time: 15 mins

A quick and easy blueberry jam that is sugar-free


  • 1.5 cups frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 lemon juices squeezed
  • 3 tbps swerve
  • 2 tbps cornstarch



Add frozen blueberries and lemon juice to a small saucepan over high heat and bring to a boil


Reduce heat to med-low, add in swerve and simmer for 6 mins


Remove from heat, and stir in the cornstarch


Pour into a mason jar and refrigerate. Will keep in fridge for up to two weeks

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