Hi! My name is Nadia and my mission is to inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle and embrace their challenges as an opportunity to grow, learn and lead a vibrant life. Through my own personal challenges, I deepened my understanding of health and nutrition, ultimately realizing the vital importance of harnessing one’s own energy to foster self-love and manifest your dream life.

Meet Nadia

After graduating from the University of Guelph with a degree in Human Kinetics and Nutrition and working in the healthcare industry for over 20 years, I have come to advocate for a lifestyle that considers all aspects of wellness, including physical, emotional and spiritual. As a lifelong nutrition and fitness enthusiast, I understand the challenges of balancing healthy choices with indulgences. . My philosophy centers around nourishing recipes, non-toxic living, and a positive mindset, all of which you can help you manifest your dream life.


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